AirServer 7.2.7 Crack

AirServer 7.2.7 Crack With Serial Key

AirServer Crack is good software. It can be an application for Mac OS X and PC Operating system that allows executing the mirroring of the display of iOS devices in the display of a computer with these operating system. So you can observe videos and game titles from the iPod touch 5, iPad 2 or above, iPhones 4s and 5 on your notebook or desktop. By default, an iOS device can only just have its display screen mirrored with an Apple TV. In this manner,  Activated is the best solution for many who also want to execute mirroring using the PC.

AirServer Activation Code is very simple to work with, just install this program on your Macintosh or Personal computer and leave it effective. Then, because of the iOS device, choose the mirroring option for a loading in HD quality is taken right to your computer. Although from the paid program, anyone who would like to test drive it can get a trial permit – which expires in a week. For individuals who wish to get a lifetime certificate, they have to pay – there are particular prices for typical people, students, and companies. Download AirServer here free of cost and watching your iOS documents on your PC.

AirServer Crack With Keygen is truly simple to utilize. After you download it, you won’t have to design anything. You should simply go to your iPhone or iPad and get to the screen-mirroring element. With respect to the interface, the application has a wonderful and instinctive look. An icon will dependably be dynamic in the taskbar of the PC. Along these lines, the client can get to the program settings and adjust in an extremely simplified way, the points of interest that include security, sound, display, and much more.

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AirServer Features:

  • Retina display mirroring possible
  • This tool is fully compatible with Mac and PC
  • Retina quality mirroring
  • Live streaming on YouTube
  • Chromebook Compatible
  • AirServer Crack Mac is free here
  • Encrypted AirPlay
  • AirServer allows you to send music, videos, photos, and slideshows from your smartphone or computer wirelessly to the Mac OS computer.
  • Windows Device Compatible
  • Beam pictures from iOS device to a PC
  • Record the video stream using third party software
  • Does not require USB connection
  • Requires iOS device
  • Requires Windows.

Short description

AirServer is a great way to transfer the content being viewed on an iOS device like an iPad or iPhone over to to PC without the need for the far more costly AppleTV device to do so. The package can display a live video stream via the AirPlay option present in the iOS software. Screen recording apps are not permitted on iOS so this is a good way to get around that restriction without needing to buy AppleTV. Third party apps can then be used to capture the incoming video stream from the iOS device and record it. Useful when wanting to share something from an iPad to a non-iPad owner. Helpful to demonstrate the user interface for an app. Not free, but an affordable choice.


AirServer is a transmitter from AirPlay to the Windows PC wirelessly.


AirServer installation is fairly simple, with easy to follow instructions. AirServer is available on most Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. It does require that you have iTunes installed on your machine. We’ll focus on the Windows version of the app here in this review.


The UI for AirServer is about as simple as it gets. It’s an empty window until you broadcast your iOS device to it, with options to shut down the server and a settings menu that gives you some quality options to optimize the application for your network and device.


  • Allows for the ability to display a live stream from your iOS device to your computer
  • Allows for video recording with 3rdparty applications.
  • Supports Audio and Video
  • Low cost


  • Can have slow-downs depending on network speed. You can get better results if you’re setting up an Ad-Hoc network rather than using your network through a router.


There is another option out there called Reflector which accomplishes the same thing as AirServer. It costs slightly less at $12.99. I can’t really say for sure which application is better, as they both seem to be on par with each other. The good news is both applications offer a full non-restrictive trial so you can try them both out.


AirServer is an excellent way to finally get anything from your iOS screen onto a computer screen. It’s a step up from AV adapters which don’t support some applications, it’s much faster than USB-type connections, and it’s a heck of a lot cheaper than purchasing AppleTV. Whether you want to just display your iPad on a larger screen or you’re trying to capture audio or video from it, AirServer is a great option at a low cost.

System Requirement

Size:  11.90 MB

License:  Freeware

OS:  Windows

Pric : $14.99

Developer : App Dynamic

Updated :  22 Jun 2020

Downloads: 8,399 (35 last week)

Special Features of AirServer Crack:

  • The air server for mac changes your mac into a worldwide mirroring adopter.
  • This software allows you to mirror through the airplay and Mira cast simultaneously on the same screen.
  • Therefore users can use airplay and Mira cast on an iPod, and iPhone. They can also use them together on the surface, windows phone, and Android gadgets.
  • The Mira cast adopter of this program can run with all kinds of Mira cast.
  • You can use it to make your business projects and presentations more effective.
  • This software allows you to use your smartphone to ahead your pages.
  • You can also use the options of zoom, and maintain the volume from your smartphone.

Main Used of this Tool

  1. Using air server, the users can project from any apple, google or Microsoft device to any TV.
  2. AirServer changes your large screen or project into a universal screen mirror adopter.
  3. Therefore users can really mirror screens from several devices.
  4. As a teacher, the users can display their material through a portable device. In this way, the users can easily handle their students.
  5. You can also mirror your own device to share your thoughts.

Advantages of AirServer 

  • This software permits you to obtain the airplay and google cast streams.
  • This program has zero client footprint for the user’s help.
  •  AirServer Activation Code is an effective program for communion, across different application across paths.
  • This software allows its users to bring their own gadget’s selection.
  • It is a completely secure and safe program. It has no threats of any suspicious activity.


What’s New?

  1. The latest released version of AirServe
  2. This version comes with the latest instinctive user interface.

How to Active AirServer Crack?

  • First of all download  AirServer Crack file
  • Extract all of them and run
  • Then Install Crack Exe and restart
  • Finally, all done.

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