iMindMap Pro 12 Crack 2022

iMindMap Pro 12 Crack 2022 Serial Key

iMindMap Crack is a useful tool for empirical thinking to express. The mind map uses both text and text skills to show the relationship between the subject’s different levels with each other’s membership and related hierarchical maps, and to establish the memory link between the subject keywords and images, colors, etc. The mind map makes full use of left and right brain functions. Using memory, reading, and thinking laws to help people balance development between science and art, logic, and imagination, thereby opening up the human brain’s unlimited potential.

iMindMap Ultimate is a full-featured, simple-to-use editing tool that assists you plan, creating communication diagrams (mind maps) for creative problem solving, effective learning, successful presentations, and easy project management. The iMindMap Ultimate Crack application reproduces the well-known method of graphical representation of the overall system thinking process in the form of diagrams – the intellect card.

At the same time, iMindMap includes various platform mind mapping software that can be shared across platforms synchronously. Simultaneously, it offers a variety of authorized versions. In addition to the general style, the iMindMap mind map gallery includes templates as well as exclusive hand-painted mind maps. Beautiful, you can download and use to meet most people’s needs. Different functions to varying degrees meet the needs of different people. iMindMap has added a time map view, updated branch drawing tools, integrated mind map integration, optimized brainstorming view, enhanced quick capture view, new central idea image, and latest email integration to enhance iMindMap.

iMindMap Pro 12 Crack 2022 Serial Key

The iMindMap Ultimate version contains all the features of iMindMap Pro, as well as a project management tool, Gantt charts, task tables, and Microsoft Outlook and Excel integration tools. The editorial staff supports powerful presentation functionality that allows you to design, create and conduct high-quality animated presentations with links to all file types, multimedia, and websites. iMindMap Ultimate permits you to record as well as add audio notes to the branches of the map.

iMindMap Ultimate Free Download

Key Features of iMindMap:

  • Make ideas a reality: focus on ideas along a timeline that is visually rich and interactive and turn them into actionable tasks through views of time maps.
  • Manage tasks until the task: do not miss any deadlines without the help of iMindMap and the integration of the Visual Task Management App (DropTask).
  • Capture ideas: Work quickly and capture ideas in quick snapping views without interruption.
  • Organize ideas: organize, classify and prioritize ideas with a unique view of free-form brainstorming.
  • Share ideas: iMindMap integrates with some of the most popular tools, allowing you to save, access and share your iMindMap files in more places.
  • Develop ideas: switch to mind map views to build ideas, develop insights into plans, and select personal preference-based Buzan style maps or professional maps.
  • Make an idea differently: create unique presentations, or upload your thoughts to YouTube powerfully and memorably, via iMindMap or Powerpoint.
  • Easy to play with ideas: The Side Panel, which has tools to easily locate, organize, and edit ideas, quickly format your ideas and synchronize views.

What’s New?

Modify the color of the branch

Colors connect vision and logic to help the brain classify, highlight, analyze, and identify connections that were previously uncovered. We add a branch in iMindMap. The color is different, the branch is selected, we can use the corresponding color tool to adjust the branch color in the open branch toolbar and tool window.

Add images, rich map

Sometimes images convey more information than a word, a phrase, or even an article, processed through the brain, and used as visual stimuli to help recall information. Images are a universal language in which any language barrier can be overcome. To add any local computer image, click Insert-> Image File in the menu. Finally, adjust the theme to the appropriate position. The above image is a schematic map, which is not complete, and the corresponding content must be filled in and adjusted according to the necessary steps.

Creating a central theme, adding core content

The starting point of the mind map is the central theme distributed from the central theme. To create a central theme, open iMindMap and choose to create a blank map. Click on the name of the theme. The font format of the set theme can be adjusted in the selected state. You can use the template to create a map, of course. There’s not a lot to introduce here.

Add a branch

The second step of creative bursting is to add a branch. The central image follows the main branch. To make each branch explore as much as possible, sub-themes need to be added. The advantage of mind mapping is that it is possible to add new branches continually. By dragging the new branch icon with the mouse, use the enter key to add a branch, enter a subject name, or add a branch.

Add keywords

The most important thing is to enter key ideas when adding a branch. Using one word per branch is an essential principle for drawing mind maps. Using keywords to trigger brain associations can prompt users to remember a great deal of information.


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