CleanMyPC 1.12.1 Crack Plus Activation Code 2022

CleanMyPC 1.12.1 Crack Plus Activation Code 2022

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Keep your PC clean and running like new with CleanMy® PC. It scans your whole computer to clean up junk files, speed up your PC, and boost its performance. CleanMy® PC is more than a PC cleaner — it’s an essential tool that cares for your computer.

CleanMyPC is a paid utility tool developed by MacPaw Inc. to better care for your Windows desktop’s health and performance system. It is a fully comprehensive cleaning software solution that will help you keep your PC free of malware and useless files that consume valuable disk space. Most important of all, it has the capability to remarkably speed up your computer.

CleanMyPC is a maintenance tool for your computer that will keep it in perfect conditions.

It will scan your computer for any error and will fix it. That means your computer will always work perfectly.

It will identify all trash files and suggest we eliminate them to save space.

It offers many possibilities, including a total uninstaller for those hard-to-uninstall programs or the Windows Registry cleaner to solve any problem.

MacPaw’s CleanMy® PC is a tune-up utility designed into tip-top condition after a fragmented hard drive and junk fi system performance.

Is CleanMyPC safe?

CleanMyPC is guaranteed a safe cleaning program that you can add to your PC. It presents zero risks to your Windows system or user files. On top of that, it is equipped with a built-in Safety Database and intelligent analytic mechanisms during its entire scanning process. It aids in increasing a superior system optimization tool, performs registry maintenance, and integrates an uninstaller. This solution tool eliminates files securely and accurately without leaving even a single bit.

Keep PC system neat.

CleanMyPC is an elegant and excellent cleaning software that gives you maximum control over how you tidy up your desktop device. A Safety Database highly protects its scanning process found within the app. Moreover, it is accurate and precise in removing unnecessary files. However, it would help if you still took extra precautions in some types as there are chances that the files you will probably need in the future will be eradicated.

  • There will be no updates released, only critical bug fixes.
  • Windows 11 is the last OS version to be supported by CleanMyPC.


  • Highly customizable
  • Quick cleaning
  • It gives you status readings
  • Speeds-up your PC
  • Compatible with Windows 11


  • Some data in language files that you will probably need later can be removed
  • Removes your ‘Most Recent’ list in some applications


  • A good PC cleanup makes all the difference.
  • Using your computer piles up all kinds of junk: cache, log files, and whatnot. This junk gobbles up your disk space and damages your computer’s performance. It knows exactly where to find useless files and which of them are safe to remove. You’re back on a fast, clean PC with a few clicks.
  • Get Windows Registry clutter out of the way.
  • Imagine having to find something in a closet packed full of trash. It could take you hours. That’s how it works with Windows Registry: when it’s cluttered with outdated entries, your software and OS have trouble finding the correct data. CleanMyPC keeps the Registry on your PC clean to ensure your computer is up to speed.
  • Uninstall the right way to keep your PC clean
  • Most Windows apps come with uninstallers, but they don’t always remove the entire program and leave behind useless cache files or toolbars. It wipes every trace of a program, even the leftovers that are typically overlooked. Because when you want something gone from your computer, you want it gone.
  • Windows startup won’t slow you down again.
  • Are you waiting forever for your PC to boot? That’s because of autorun programs that load along with Windows. Lighten the load on your system without rummaging through the settings: the tool shows you autorun items in a single list, so all it takes to disable them is a click. There’s no easier way to speed up a PC startup.
  • Cut down on extensions.
  • Why put an additional load on your PC with toolbars and extensions you don’t use? The program keeps add-ons within easy reach, so you can quickly spot the ones you don’t need and turn them off.
  • Erase your files securely.
  • Did you know other people can recover the files you delete? Unless you delete them securely, of course. The software shreds your files and makes them impossible to recover, so you can be sure sensitive data is gone.
  • Protect your online privacy
  • It scans all your browsers to gather traces of your online activity in one spot. No need to dig through browser settings to clean up cookies or login data: just hit a button to wipe your entire online history clean.
  • Get rid of the hibernation file.
  • Even if you never use Hibernation, the file stores a snapshot of your session in case you do — and it hogs gigabytes on your disk. Disabling it manually can be a hassle, but it is super simple.
  • Uninstall multiple apps
  • Want to remove several programs at once? Do it easily with the tool Multi Uninstaller. Unlike manual program removal, it doesn’t require much time and effort. Just pick whatever you want to remove, launch uninstallation and let Multi Uninstaller work its magic.
  • Clean leftovers
  • Programs leave junk even if uninstalled properly? Not on watch! The program automatically starts to scan for leftovers after the program is removed and cleans whatever remains. As a result, no empty folders and unnecessary files after program removal. That means more space for fresh, new apps!
  • Uninstall any program
  • What if, for some reason, you can’t uninstall a program? The app will do the job, whether it is a third-party program you installed on your own or a pre-installed Windows store app. You can uninstall any app you want. Well, almost any. Multi Uninstaller doesn’t remove system apps essential for your Windows performance.
  • Sleep well, uninstall safely.
  • You can ensure that your computer is in good hands with Clean My PC. It includes the safety database to ensure you uninstall precisely what you want – no more, no less. Multi Uninstaller’s interface is designed to minimize the risk of errors. So, keep calm and uninstall more with Clean My PC.


  • Download from the given link below.
  • Install as ordinarily
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  • Activate from given keys.
  • That’s all.
  • Enjoy it.
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