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How to download Instagram videos on a PC?

The internet is full of tools to help you save your favorite Instagram videos forever. All you’ll need to do is copy and paste the link!

Here I’ll show you how to do so using Downloader4Insta. If you’re looking for other tools to use on your desktop, consider DownloadGram, GramBlast, or DreDown.

1. Open your Instagram account

Begin by going to Instagram on your computer, and logging in if necessary.

2. Go to the desired Instagram video

If you already have an Instagram video in mind you want to download, begin by searching for that person’s account.

Download videos from Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo and over 300 other sites

Most general-purpose video downloaders don’t cover Instagram, but WinX YouTube Downloader is the exception. It’s not optimized for Instagram like 4K Stogram, and won’t download Instagram feeds automatically, but it works well and has the added advantage of working with over 300 other sites, including Vimeo and Facebook.

Copy an Instagram video’s URL from your web browser and click the ‘Add link’ button on the top left. Don’t worry about the YouTube logo splashed all over the interface – it’s just for show.

The video will be analyzed to determine the best way to encode it (this might take a few seconds) and some file information will appear. Don’t be alarmed that there’s no preview, and the video length is set to zero seconds – this is a bug and doesn’t actually affect anything. You can add multiple video links to the playlist before clicking the Download button on the bottom right, which will save your videos in MP4 format in the destination of your choice.

It’s not quite perfect, but WinX YouTube Downloader’s flexibility makes it our second favorite tool for grabbing Instagram videos.

How to download Instagram videos?

You never know when a downloaded Instagram video might come in handy. Say you are executing Instagram marketing as part of your social media marketingstrategy. Creating a reference library of posts you wish to emulate can be helpful for both you and your team.

You can’t download Instagram videos directly through the platform; there’s no easy “click here to download” button.

As a result, unless you know a bit of source code, the easiest way to download Instagram videos is with a third party tool. Thankfully there are plenty of free programs out there designed just for this purpose.

When you’re downloading Instagram videos, remember to respect privacy rules: Don’t upload an Instagram video that isn’t yours.

For one thing, it’s just not ethical. In addition, you could also find yourself getting into legal hot water. It goes back to those plagiarism rules you learned way back when while writing your first report for school: Don’t take credit for something that isn’t yours!

Taking to the Pitch

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Are You Football Crazy?

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A forthright application to download Instagram images

One example is Instagram Downloader, a simple utility whose name sais it all. It aims to provide you with a convenient and quick way to grab pictures from Instagram and save them to your hard drive.

The application features a straightforward interface that encases all the options within a single window. There are no configuration options or menus whatsoever and the usage is very intuitive, so there is no need for extra documentation or instructions.

Your only task is to manually type in or paste the URL of the image you want to grab and press the ‘Download’ button. Once you do so, the application displays a dialog that enables you to choose the download location. Instagram Downloader can only save the pictures in JPG format.

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